The Success Summit


Special Guest

Jess Morgan

International President’s Team 15K


Saturday 16th/17th November, 2019

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Second Release Tickets – $89 per person



Tickets/Events Info 

  • First Release Tickets – $99 per person (SOLD OUT – Ticket price includes training AND Saturday night Boat Cruise).
  • Second Release Tickets – $89 per person (Ticket price includes training AND Saturday night Cocktail Party).
  • Tickets are NOT transferable and NO FREE TICKETS can be used at this event.
  • Shakes and Instant Herbal Beverage (Thermo) will be provided.
  • No Video or Audio Recording
  • No Children – (non-mobile infants only)
  • Business Casual Attire – Click Here to get an example of proper dress.


After 18 years I still love going to our monthly training day (STS) because it’s always a massive dose of inspiration and motivation. You never know what our special guest will bring so that is why I try to never miss an event and last month’s special guest Mandy Halligan from New Zealand was no exception, She has a dynamic business and was so willing to share exactly how she has gone about building that business and creating financial independence for her and her family. Thank you to the committee for continuing to provide such excellent guests so we can all learn from them.
~ Gerry Taylor
I look forward to these events each month because they are full of inspiration and positivity and, to me, that is special. When I leave, I feel inspired by each and every person that was there. I feel that I learn and grow as a person from these events.
~ Rebecca Kim
“Success Leaves Clues” was a quote i heard at STS. This event and the Members who donate their time and experience for the success of all future Members is so powerful. After a decade of attending this monthly event, I get so jazzed with watching the excitement of our new members coming through, the fun, inspiration, education, community, no other place I would rather be. Truly “the promise of the future”.
~ Lisa M.

Mike Thoars Millionaire Team 7500
Sophie Guyonnet & Marko Deric - G.E.T. 2500
STS Group
Shakes crew



All Member Registration 9:15am

All Member Training 10:00am – 5:00pm

The ‘Yacht’ Party Sun Goddess and Cocktail Party Glass Restaurant 6:30pm-10:00pm


Supervisor Registration 9:00am-3:00pm

Supervisors ONLY Training 9:00am-3:00pm



Coming Dates 2019/20

N.B Event dates are subject to change