Craig Morrison – G.E.T

Hello to all Queenslanders,

I just cannot wait to get up the sunny state with you all and share my journey from a burnt out Personal Trainer to a stay at home dad of 2..

I am having a much bigger impact on many more people on many more levels. I am on a mission to change 2000 lives by 2020 and in the process bringing my partner home from work with me. It’s been a transition that I never knew, or thought was possible.

I will share with you stuff that will make you laugh, will make you cry and most importantly will hopefully inspire you to keep making the impact on your world and the world a HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER place for us all to prosper in.

I am just so excited, this company is phenomenal, these products are phenomenal and we as coaches have an obligation to continue to be phenomenal. After what I seen at the Singapore extravaganza it truly is the best time to be a part of this world changing mission we are on.

Let’s fill the room for this STS. It is on like donkey kong!!!

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