Isobella Outtram – G.E.T.

Before I found Herbalife, my life was seriously lacking in balance. I was working full-time as a Beauty Therapist and studying Nutritional Medicine fulltime at University. I also worked in two night clubs and casually helped out at a sports supplement shop in Melbourne. .I was struggling with my own health and weight management and was in a negative/obsessive mindset quickly burning the candle at both ends. I was fortunate to have been introduced to Herbalife through Alex Hanton who came for a treatment at the Beauty Salon I was working at, she then connected me with an old friend Kate Zimmer who shared this opportunity with me.

Initially I started as a customer and followed her guidance and started on an Ultimate Program, I felt a shift in the first day and went on to fall in love with the products and the way that they made me feel. Once I created that connection to the products, nothing was going to stop me from sharing them with others. I attended my first international event the Extravaganza in Las Vegas three months later and that completely expanded my vision. Upon my return, I plugged into our incredible system and attended every event that was on. I have never missed a Success Training Seminar and I believe that consistency has propelled my business forward.

I am so passionate about sharing the balance that Herbalife has given me and educating on how simply living a Healthy Active Lifestyle can be. My team and I love creating a lot of love and fun around that. My number one Daily Method of Operation so far is Healthy Active Lifestyle Activity. My beautiful team inspire me every day to become better, to laugh a little bit harder, and to help more people. My goal moving forward is to continue to impact more people with this incredible wellness and freedom opportunity that we hold in our hands. I am forever grateful to Herbalife, the Hanton team, the leadership and the mentors who I have developed relationships with in my journey so far.

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