Lizzie Le – G.E.T.

My amazing partner Matthew found the Herbalife opportunity through answering an online Gumtree ad. At the time, I was working 4 different casual jobs and was attending university full-time. Mattie went along to a Herbalife opportunity meeting. After the presentation, he called me to come check it out. Little did I know that the decision to take a look at the opportunity would completely change our lives.

Being a complete sceptic, I gave him half the money to pay for the Member Pack and encouraged him to try the products and to not bother me. Within the first 3 days of using the products, Mattie lost a bit of weight but what had me interested was his undeniable energy shift. We then committed to an Ultimate Program and haven’t gone back since. He ended up losing over 20 kilograms and I dropped 10% in body fat, increased 5kg of lean muscle and improved my strength and recovery time.

The business happened naturally from there and we started to build a client base from friends and family who asked us what we were doing. We ran local Healthy Active Lifestyle Clubs and offered wellness evaluations which helped us reach Supervisor in a line with 2 other close friends within 3 months of starting the business, which resulted in us qualifying for World Team 4 months later. Through listening to our Upline Mentor, President’s Team, Marcel Iseli, I was able to leave 3 of my casual jobs.

In October 2014, 12 months after our World Team qualification we achieved Active World Team through helping our team achieve their personal goals of Supervisor and World Team. However, the following 18 months was a particularly difficult time, I continued to attend the events but found the business hit constant challenges as we hadn’t personally developed yet which led to a massive plateau.

In December 2015, Mattie took on full-time work elsewhere and I made a promise to myself and the organisation that we would become a TAB team organisation by the end of 2016. Through attending all events, yearly Spectaculars and Extravaganzas with team members, remaining coachable, understanding the art of promotion, being consistent, developing and implementing a support structure within the organisation, I am so grateful to be able to fulfil the promise for our team.

My goal now is to duplicate as many TAB team members as possible in the team and to show that it doesn’t matter how old you are, whether your Sponsor is still in the business or not, or when people doubt you, always go back to your 20 life goals and remember why you started.

Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude and love for Herbalife & Mark Hughes; the corporate staff – for all that you do; the S&P and NSW Leadership; my mentors Marcel Iseli and Mark Abi-Arrage; my partner Mattie & my beautiful GenH team and especially my squad members – Beki, Sue, Robbie, Andy and Vanessa for never giving up.

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