Louise Henneberry and Paul Kiely

One phone call is all it took to positively change our lives forever and for that we will always be truly grateful to our dear friends Ange and Jim Laverty.

Herbalife came into my life when I needed it the most. I had just recently had our first child Dustie, I couldn’t shift my baby weight, I was beyond tired and was finding it hard to smile every day. I was desperate and told Ange to just give me absolutely everything Herbalife had to offer, so then I started on the Ultimate Programme. What happened next was absolutely wonderful! I lost 33kg, my energy levels increased, I rocked as a mum and I was loving life and liking myself again. Paul noticed how much energy I had and as a FIFO (fly in – fly out) worker and father, he decided to jump on board and use the products. He lost a total of 32kgs and morphed into an absolute hottie and his energy level increased.

People started to notice our results and wanted to know what we were doing and how they could get it. Rhonda Hart suggested we held a shake party and all of a sudden, family and friends were on the products, getting amazing transformations and we achieved Supervisor. Because Paul and I were feeling so great, we just wanted to share that same feeling with the world so we started to “spread the herbie love” and as a result, our team was growing and we made World Team the following month. My number one goal was to help as many people as I could get onto the products, feel amazing and reach their wellness goals. I remember being absolutely shocked when Herbalife sent us our first cheque for over $2,800 just for helping people feel amazing!

I attended the Adelaide Spectacular in 2014 and it inspired me, fuelled my passion and opened my eyes to the bigger picture. This event just confirmed what I felt in my heart and knew in my head, that Herbalife will forever be in our lives. The very next month we made Active World Team.

Dream Team Weekend was a game changer for both Paul and I (Thank you Rob & Kristie Walsh). It was from this weekend we realised we could turn our passion and hobby into something so much more and put a plan into place. The rest is history as they say and not long after we achieved Global Expansion Team, the very same week we had our second daughter, Ollie.

Our Tips:

  • Be the proudest “Herbie” you know
  • Go above and beyond for your team
  • By helping your team achieve their dreams, you will reach yours
  • Let your “Why” be your driving force
  • Never EVER quit, keep going, keep spreading the “Herbie Love”

Paul and I feel very fortunate to have found Herbalife. For me, as a mother, I feel so blessed that I will never have to return to work and that every day I get to be around my babies and watch them grow and still enjoy the same income. Thank you Rhonda Hart for all your wisdom and guidance and getting us to where we are today. Its wonderful to have met the people we have met, to have formed the most amazing friendships, to have travelled interstate and overseas and ultimately to have given the gift of wellness to the most beautiful people we know, our team.

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