Dr. Rod Hanton – Millionaire Team

We were introduced to this wonderful company through a friend and we started as product lovers. Using Herbalife Nutrition has hugely helped us both with weight management and general wellbeing.

We had good incomes from Rod’s work as a medical doctor, and Jude’s job as a secondary school teacher. We weren’t looking for another business but with great product results, the business simply began by “accident” by helping those around us.

We now have a variety of DMOs – including referrals from happy clients, “Walk & Talk”, flyers and social media like Facebook. We funnel our enquiries through activities like Healthy Active Lifestyle Clubs, Herbalife Opportunity Meetings, Men’s Group, Weight Loss Challenges and Herbie Masterclass.

Mentoring and caring for our clients and team members is incredibly important. The key element is building relationships that are truly sincere and caring ones. People appreciate being heard and respected, and they become attracted to the Herbalife opportunity. We think this building of good relationships is crucial.

We find it easy to stay motivated by the results we achieve with our clients and our team. We simply love good wellness and energy the Herbalife Nutrition gives us, and we want that for everyone!

Reaching the Millionaire Team level was the result of a large and committed team of people, all working together with the aim of helping others. It’s so exciting to see our team members moving up in the organisation and impacting many lives.

As we look forward, we can see President’s Team not too far away, and also we can see in our team many Active World Team, Global Expansion Team, Millionaire Team and President’s levels being achieved.

The really exciting thing is that it truly feels like we’re just getting started! What a wonderful ethical business this is – simply helping people with their wellness and the opportunity to improve financial wellbeing!

Thankyou Herbalife!
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