Emily Mankey – Millionaire Team 7500

Herbalife came into our lives at the perfect time.

We were looking for an opportunity that was going to allow us to achieve our goals, set the foundations for our future and create a positive impact in our community.

We have always had a passion for health and fitness and both channelled our ambition into setting up our own businesses by our mid-twenties. Marc was previously a Personal Trainer, Business Coach and Gym owner, and myself as an Osteopath, rehabilitation Pilates Instructor and Clinic owner.

We always thought that having our own businesses was the way to achieve a life of freedom, impact and choices. However, after burning out and experiencing huge financial strains from the Gym and the Clinic, we started to look for a better way.

We were invited to our first Herbalife opportunity meeting and we listened to the stories. Once we heard what was possible there was no turning back. We made the decision that Herbalife was going to be the opportunity for us to create the extraordinary life that we had always dreamt of.

We LOVE our nutrition programs. There is not a day that we take for granted the wellness freedom that we now experience. This emotional connection to the products and being a great example of the brand is one of the most important facets to our business.

Our business methods are all based on the foundational principles and mission of Mark Hughes, coupled with the philosophy of living a healthy active lifestyle.

Building culture and community is the heart of our business.

Our lifestyle centres run weekly opportunity events, personal development sessions, as well as product and business trainings – with a strong focus on developing the Leadership skills required to build a royalty driven business.

Reaching Millionaire Team 7500 is purely a reflection of every single person within our communities – in particular the incredible leadership that have also believed in the vision, set their goals and engaged in the system. We are truly blessed to work with such amazing team members that have become a part of our family.

We want to thank our mentor George Knight for continuingly, being the light in our lives.

Our goal is to continue to build the foundations for Chairman’s Club as this will represent an incredible amount of lives changed in the process.

Thank You to all of our mentors,
Thank You to the Herbalife Community,
Thank You Mark Hughes.
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