Phil Haydon – Millionaire Team 7500

I started my Herbalife journey by chance. After witnessing my friend who is also a Personal Trainer use the products daily and experience better energy, I just had to give it a go. It took me awhile to achieve results, but it was a revelation to me as I had been feeling poorly for years. My business started as a direct result of my product result and attending Spectacular in 2012. I was so excited by my new found energy that I couldn’t help myself but share my story with everyone.

As with undertaking any new Enterprise we were met with some of the usual, and not so usual challenges life has to throw at good people trying to make a difference. We had strong goals and an even stronger “WHY”. This resulted in us qualifying for Global Expansion Team within 6 months from registering for the business opportunity. Our main Business Method is “Use, Wear, Talk” and business launches to achieve this. I felt we had found a way to truly help others fall in love with the products and then the business opportunity through the events.

My business is based around results and building Royalty Income for others. To keep building our business this way, we attended ALL events by making sure we qualify for everything. I would encourage our team to do the same until they developed their own system of duplication. Plus, once you’ve qualified for a Herbalife Vacation and experienced how wonderful they are, you won’t want to miss one.

We really found “My Herbalife” when a small group of us were lucky enough to go to Los Angeles to experience a Nutrition Club. Thank you, Wayne Levy for the trip of a lifetime. The Healthy Active Lifestyle culture is now in full swing around the country and continues to gain momentum. I would also like to thank my first mentor, George Knight. You’ve taught me more than you know. Thank you. I’d like to thank my wonderful family, my wife Carla and our beautiful daughters Zoe and Sophie, for allowing me to build our wonderful team of Wellness Coaches, who are now building wonderful teams of Coaches of their own and so on. Thank you for your early faith in the decision to get involved.

The Herbalife opportunity is offering my family a level of financial security we could have only dreamed of. I’d also like to thank all of our wonderful business partners and team members again. Our success is their success and is the reason why we are here.

My only advice is to put your ego aside and have a little faith that the person offering you this amazing opportunity has your best interests at heart. That being said, follow their advice to the letter. It’s not a matter of “if” in this business, it’s a matter of “when”.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the people that have helped us, whether it be with sharing information, a phone call, a conversation at an event or just a hug to say G’Day. We are truly humbled and very grateful you, and Herbalife have come into our family’s life.
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