Wayne Levy – Millionaire Team

“I was 22 when my good friend, Rodney Drory, introduced me to Herbalife. Having just returned from playing tennis overseas, I was wondering which direction my life would take. I knew I wanted to make money, to travel, to develop a great lifestyle for myself and didn’t want to work for anyone else. When Rodney presented the Herbalife opportunity to me I was excited by the complete package and realised that I had found the vehicle to help me fulfil these dreams.

I was excited about the products, always having an interest in wellness & fitness. I was excited by the opportunity of starting my own business and the possibility that Herbalife was the answer to all the things that I wanted as a 22 year old!

My excitement got me off to a fast start. I committed myself to all the products in the range and told all my family, friends and everyone I came in contact with about Herbalife. I qualified for and attended all the events and trainings and was an eager student, filling my journals with wealth building information. I earned just over $1200 in my first month. It doubled the 2nd month and by the end of my first year, my income was around $70,000. I was amazed at what I had achieved!

I met my wife, Toby, in 1986 and we have been working the business together ever since. Herbalife continues to be a major part of our lives. We have lived and worked abroad, have shared incredible experiences and have made many lifelong friends with Members here in Australia and around the world. Nearly all the memories in our family photo album are to do with Herbalife!

I am so proud to say that Herbalife has been a part of our lives for more than half my life. We have been servicing customers, helping Members and promoting the Herbalife Company for over 20 years now.

Today Toby and I have fashioned a wonderful lifestyle for our family and us. I am thrilled that I am a “hands on” dad who works from home. Jay, Casey and Tyler are our number one priorities. Nothing over the years has given us more pleasure than when our children tell their friends & teachers that their parents are Herbalife Members.

We know that we will continue to advance our business by remaining focused on helping everyone in Herbalife to achieve their goals. There are many people who we wish to thank and acknowledge: The Herbalife staff here in Australia and overseas have been of tremendous support, all members of the TAB Team around the world and every Member in our organisation, we thank you and remain willing mentors and students.

”Tips for business success:

1. Stay 100% focused on your goals and work everyday towards achieving them
2. Stay 100% committed to the Herbalife products
3. Stay 100% committed to the Herbalife company
4. Stay 100% committed to the business building fundamentals.
5. Stay 100% committed to those in your organisation who are committed to achieving success in their business.

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