Rob and Kristie Walsh – Executive President’s Team

We are so thrilled to have achieved the level of Executive President’s Team because it represents the “circle of life” in Herbalife and a whole new generation of leaders moving up.

Before Herbalife came into our lives we were working in real estate and our financial situation was dire. With massive debt we were facing bankruptcy and as a result, we were very stressed and apprehensive about the future.

Due to a brief involvement with Herbalife in the 1980’s Rob had been kept up to date on the company for almost seven years before deciding it was time to give it another go! We both started on the products and both lost 12kg over 3 months, but what really impressed us was the energy. Today it’s still amazing to have health, vitality and not feel any older than we did 20 years ago!

Our business started with the people we knew, we wanted to help our friends and family who had health and financial challenges. We just told and showed testimonials which led to nine customers and five Distributors in the first week. We qualified as Supervisors, and not long after went to an Extravaganza in Los Angeles which changed how we felt about our future forever.

We achieved Global Expansion Team within five months, then Millionaire Team within two years and President’s Team six years later.

Our life has changed in every way thanks to Herbalife. We live in a penthouse overlooking the ocean, drive prestige cars and travel the world. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that every single month we make more money than we need. Last month our Herbalife income was over $70,000!

We’re grateful for so much and to so many. Our sponsors Garry and Jennifer De Brabander didn’t give up on us when they could have. Our team believes in the dream of Mark Hughes that we hold dear, and some of our clients have been with us since the very first year.

We’re proud of so many of our team members! This promotion to Executive President’s Team is credited to new President’s Team members Gavin and Jess Morgan who decided just over 2 years ago that they were ready to move! They’ve proved that you can start or restart your business whenever you decide, and have built a team of passionate and motivated Distributors who are changing lives every day with our incredible products and opportunity.

One more time, thank you Mark Hughes!

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